School District Security Management Blues

The new Technology Director at a major school district in central Texas was concerned with sets of keys being removed from their current, minimally secured location. These keys allowed access to certain classrooms and other areas of the school containing sensitive/expensive computer servers and other high tech equipment.  The Technology director wanted the ability to assign keys to authorized users only, and the capability to perform a complete audit of assigned key users.


The Solution

After introducing RA-Lock’s capabilities to the Technology director, we reviewed the school districts current key management system and discussed how they wished to improve upon it. Then we provided a demonstration of our Key Systems Security Asset Manager (SAM), and all the benefits of having the system in place. We addressed his concern about authorized users having to use only a PIN number to access the SAM by explaining that we could add either a proximity card reader or a biometric finger print reader to the unit, allowing dual authentication to gain access to the keys inside.  After explaining that access was assigned to one or more users based on configuration through the GFMS software, he loved the idea and was ready to order a unit on the spot.

The Results

After installing the SAM and training the appropriate administrators on the easy to-use software, the technology director was ecstatic. Their new, expensive/sensitive servers and other technology equipment were now protected and monitored via the SAM in real time.  The new Technology director made a great impression to the school board for his efforts in protecting the school district’s recently updated technology assets. His efforts allowed the district to audit who had assessed the school district’s technology equipment in a matter of minutes with a simple GFMS software report. This would save the district all of the hours in facility charges involved with re-keying of doors due to lost keys and countless dollars in potential theft or damage of the district’s high-tech investments.

Why did we win

We met the needs of our customer because we listened to their needs, analyzed their situation and provided them with a custom solution. Not only did this fulfill the need of the school’s technology department, it also garnered the attention of the districts locksmith and facilities manager, which led to the purchase of another SAM to monitor facilities keys.

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