Auto Manufacturer Success Story

A major automotive manufacturer needed locking systems for their mobile diagnostic carts, vehicle keys and a locker system for storing various items from laptops to two-way radios. The automotive manufacturer wanted a system for assigning access to specific items in all three applications with a need to run audits, be easy to use and work together in harmony with each other

The Solution

The solution was completed by using the Key Systems Security Asset Managers (SAM). We designed a custom cart station for 24 units and a 16 position Key Box as well as a 15-unit Custom Electronic Locker system. All systems use the same software and are easy to operate with the standard pincode and/or the existing access cards that the automotive manufacturer already uses. All units communicate on the network or cloud and can be audited and easily programmed via computer, tablet, or smart phone. Employees only have access to the specific assets that they are assigned, and alerts were set up if assets are not back at the designated times. Operations and shift changes run more efficiently because staff is not wasting time looking for assets like in the past.

The Results

The automotive manufacturer now has secure asset management with streamlined workflow and the ability to audit all system usage. Diagnostic carts are returned to the cart garage, laptops and radio are stored and charged and vehicle keys are no longer misplaced. RA-Lock along with Key Systems has provided the customer with the perfect solutions for their needs now and expandable for the future.

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