National Retail Store – Key Management System

A retail customer lost track of some keys used to access their facilities. With the key system compromised, they were having issues with theft and shrinkage. They needed to get the building security under control quickly. The retailer needed a key system designed to fit their existing floor plan and hardware. The exterior doors all needed to be rekeyed to a single access key, and the exterior SFIC cores needed to be placed on a restricted keyway. The interior doors needed to be rekeyed based on management grouping.

National-Retail-Success-Story- Key-System

The Solution

RA-Lock was able to secure highly vulnerable assets for the store using Medeco X4 SFIC cores on exterior doors, and rekeyed all existing interior doors. The retailer was using a standard Schlage keyway on interior doors and SFIC on the exterior. RA-Lock custom designed a complete master key system to replace the exterior cores and the interior Schlage locks.

Medeco X4 offered a restricted keyway to prevent key duplication and allowed us to use the existing door hardware, which saves cost and install time.


The new master key system consolidated the total number of keys required to operate the facility. Rather than having different keys for every door, they were able to use management keys to open whole groupings of doors. Per customer request, these keys were sorted by function, floor, and management division. RA-Lock used Medeco X4 SFIC on the exterior, since they already had SFIC cores in place. We provided a key matrix outlining which keys are designated for each area, and key stamping with assigned numbers.

The customer also utilizes a key box so keys are checked in and out of the facility. Exterior keys are only authorized for senior management, per customer request. This is a complete solution for the customer’s facility with room for expansion and the ability to add more facilities to the same system.

The goal was achieved. Every key is always accounted for.

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