Intercity Public Bus Service

An Intercity Public Bus Service needed a Medeco Rotary T-Handle Lock for their new light rail locations. They requested the same locks they ordered from RA-Lock about 10 years ago. After some investigation, we were able to locate their previous order, duplicate the lock/key system, and supply them with what was required and budgeted.

passengers on light rail system

The Solution

RA-Lock has been in business since 1969 and keeps extensive records of client transactions. This intercity public bus service’s order is a prime example of our commitment to provide solutions that are expandable when our customer’s requirements change over time. Threats are more frequent and more sophisticated. Critical infrastructure control systems are being targeted more commonly and have new stricter guidelines to secure their systems. As requirements change, RA-Lock continues to ensure the system fits our customers current needs.

The Results

RA-Lock provides solutions for various types of high security facilities. This intercity public bus service was pleased that they did not have to spend additional dollars on re-keying and are able to maintain and add onto their locking system now and in the future.

RA-Lock provides solutions for various types of high security facilities

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