County Jail – Key Management System

A County Jail recently had a single key removed from a standard key ring which had been stored in the jail’s key control cabinet. It was an important key which had access to the County’s evidence room. Fortunately, an internal audit revealed that nothing went missing from the evidence room. Because the key was missing to the evidence room, the door lock had to be re-keyed, presenting unnecessary time and cost. To prevent further embarrassment from such incidents again, the sheriff ordered something to be done.


The Solution

The County already had a key control system they wanted to keep in place but wanted to enhance it with our tamper-proof key rings. KSI’s tamper proof key rings are the industry standard among security professionals. These serialized rings keep the keys accountable and impossible to open without revealing they had been tampered with.


The County Jail’s use of our tamper proof key ring was a success. Key rings are now held durably in place. In addition, the serialized rings keep all of the keys accounted for, due to their exclusive serial numbers. A relatively in-expensive but highly secure solution had been found, saving the sheriff’s office from potentially damaging backlash at the taxpayers’ expense. The time and manpower required for future audits of the same nature can now be avoided. The staff at the County Jail can now use their time and resources more wisely.

Our Key Systems tamper proof key rings set the industry standard. These crimped and serialized stainless-steel rings allow each of the Sheriff’s department authorized key users to be monitored and audited at all times prevent potentially disastrous consequences for the County’s law enforcement office.

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