RSS-160D | Thermal Temperature Scanner

Human Thermal Temperature Scanner

Human Thermal Temperature Scanners

Keep your team and customers safe! Use our thermal cameras to quickly scan crowds and groups of people and automatically detect temperatures. Today’s new normal requires you to be ready to protect people at a scale never experienced before. It’s time to introduce the technology that will make that process more non-obtrusive; yet, still provide the detection and alerts you need to help keep people safe.



  • Rapid Detection with Alarm
  • Best Accuracy in the market with ± 0.4 ℃
  • Excellent Dual(Thermal + CMOS) Monitoring System
  • Smart Multi-Target Detection & Tracking
  • Real Time High Frequency Image Capture & Storage
  • Self Accurate Temperature Check Up


IXTS 160D Product Differentiation







Thermal Scanner Application

Fixed thermal human temperature scanner

Mobile thermal human temperature scanner