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The Medeco T-Handle is constructed of stainless steel housing and components. It is designed to defy forced entry. Rear loading of the lock, along with a hardened steel cover, protects against pulling and drilling. The T-Handle is available in screw type or cam type.


The Medeco High Security T-Handle replaces conventional die cast construction with 300- series stainless steel for the housing and handle components. The design eliminates critical pry points and resists drilling, wrenching and other physical attacks. Rear loading of the lock cylinder, and a free-spinning hardened steel cover, protects against drilling and pulling. The Medeco High Security T-Handle inserts provide most of the same vandal-resistant features of the complete Medeco T-handle in an economical retrofit package. 300 Series stainless steel components and drill shields defy drills, chisels, punches and other common vandal attacks.

Cylinders can be quickly changed in the field without special tools. Conformance to NAMA dimensional standards provides a wide choice of cylinders to suit individual security needs.

Available in cam-operated or threaded extension models.

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