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The Medeco High Security Switch Lock is a ¾” diameter lock and offers the highest security possible for a number of electrical applications including alarms, ATM’s, control panels, time delay safes, and many more. It is available in single or double switch models.


Medeco 3/4″ diameter, high security switch locks offer a wide range of electrical functions with the physical security and patented key control of a Medeco cylinder. Available in either single or double switch models, Medeco switch locks are ideally suited for applications requiring controlled access to electrically activated systems, including alarms, ATMs, time delay safes, encryption devices, heavy power equipment, control panels, and electrically accessed doors and gates. Switch locks use a five pin cylinder to maximize keyed different and master keying capabilities. Medeco design and engineering resources are available to assist customers with special functional requirements.

When ordering please indicate maintained or momentary contact and single pole/double throw or double pole/double throw.

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