Abloy Padlocks

Abloy padlocks offer unsurpassed performance. These maximum security padlocks carry excellent resistance against both physical attack and corrosion. Abloy padlocks are built to withstand the harshest of climates and conditions and are available in many different sizes.

Disc Padlocks

Disc style padlocks are 2 3/8 inch dia. Stainless steel with 3/8 inch hardened steel shackles. These locks range from standard security to Heavy Duty High Security models.

Medeco Padlocks

Medeco padlocks are available in two distinct body styles: Weather Resistant and Shrouded Shackle.

Shackle-Less Padlocks

The RA-Lock Shackle-less padlock is a patented locking system designed for applications requiring maximum security and is available in chrome or stainless steel, and the Wilson Bohannon Padlock is a single post lock built to withstand all types of environments.

Universal Padlocks

Universal padlocks offer 3 different locking cylinders to accommodate various levels of security. Locks come with either tubular, Abloy or Medeco cylinders.