Proxess locks are a revolutionary new product that provide you an ability to control time and access conveniently, store audit trails, rekey immediately, and lockdown instantly for safety and security.

Control Time And Access Conveniently

In a standard pin-tumbler locking system, persons carrying keys gain access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A Proxess intelligent locking system allows the Administrator to set up as many custom time schedules as they desire to limit accessibility to doors when not required.

Audit Trail

There is no method of determining who and when a key-holder accesses a door in a standard lock and key system. Proxess intelligent locks track both who and when someone accesses a door. This audit trail allows the Administrator to see and document accountability when security events occur.

Rekey Immediately

No more key duplication problems or costly rekeys. Rekeys are now as easy as a click of a mouse on a screen and an RF or Bluetooth link at the door or from a remote location. Not only do users benefit from significant savings by avoiding costly rekeys but users experience greater security by being able to rekey whenever necessary.

Safety And Lockdown

Many users find it important to take steps to safeguard students and/or employees. Proxess is the first locking system that makes lockdown both easy and inexpensive. Users can choose a teacher tag that can lockdown a door from anywhere inside a room or a Bluetooth connected system that can lockdown doors from a central administrative location.

Download a printable documenting describing more about Campus Lockdown Solutions by Proxess.

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