Medeco XT Bluetooth Key

Medeco XT Keys with Bluetooth connectivity enable users to obtain access rights and updates for their keys from anywhere there is Wi-Fi or data connection using their smartphone with an Android or iOS App.

XT Slim Line key with Bluetooth technology

The Medeco XT Slim Line key with Bluetooth technology is an Intelligent Key that can communicate to most Android or iOS mobile devices using Bluetooth Technology.

The XT Air Mobile App provides a very simple interface to remotely program your Bluetooth keys from anywhere.

Together these make for a powerful solution to help manage your XT keys from anywhere within cellular coverage area.

Audit Accountability

Remote audit uploads allow for quick response to events that require attention.

On Demand Scheduling

Activate a key only when and where it is needed. When not needed it is left deactivated, thereby mitigating the cost and liability of lost or stolen keys.

Increased Productivity

Keys will communicate to your Mobile device via Bluetooth so there is no need for traveling back and forth to visit an administrator for key access changes.

Wireless Communication

Program keys and pull audits quickly and easily via your Mobile device.

XT Web System compatibility:

  • XT Web 2.0 – Medeco hosted or Self-hosted systems Ver S75 or higher required


  • Utilizes Bluetooth Smart Technology
  • Program keys from any location (within cellular coverage area)
  • No need to ‘dock’ key to program
  • LED programming feedback indicates when key is connected to the mobile device
  • Works with iOS and Android:
    • Requires Android OS V 5.0 or higher
    • Requires Apple iOS V 10.0 or higher

Mobile Android & iOS App will be available for download from Medeco XT Web Manager Website (active account required).