Chit-Key Vault


Chit-Key Vaults provide mechanical control and security of your personal and company-owned keys.

Access to an authorized user key is made by inserting and “trapping” a key into one cylinder, therefore allowing the key in its adjoining cylinder to be released.

Vaults are offered “standard” in two sizes: a 2-key or 6-key, but, can be custom designed to your specific needs.

Both vaults are contructed of stainless steel and accommodate most mortise cylinders (conventional, SFIC, LFIC) and cam locks.

High-security keyways are standard, and recommended, but, most manufacturer’s keyways are also available.

Multi-Chit Panels

Multi-chit Panels can track 20 to 50 keys at a time.

The locks on Multi-Chit Panels are paired up in rows just like the Chit-Key Vault.

These panels are perfect for customers who need to control large numbers of keys, but do not require an electronically-controlled asset security device