Electronic Key Cabinets

S.A.M. - Security Asset Managers

Security Asset Managers are electronically secured cabinets designed to control and monitor your company-owned keys and other valuable assets. All user access and management is controlled by you.

Tamper-Proof Key Rings

The industry standard among security professionals. Strict tolerances provide you with the ultimate in strength and durability. Our popular Tamper-Proof Key Rings provide an added layer of protections for you most valuable assets--from keys and utility knives to medical equipment and cash tills. These high-security, stainless steel rings cannot be opened without detection, thus preventing asset substitution.

Chit-Key Vault

Our Chit-Key products use a very simple but clever technique for storing and ensuring the safe return of your keys. Locks are paired up to operate in tandem. You turn a key in one lock to remove a second key from another lock. We offer two standard chit-key vaults, but can customize their basic design to accommodate as many key positions as you need. Both vaults are made of 18-gauge brushed stainless steel and use ¾ inch cam locks.