SAMs for Key Control

Durable: 16-gauge powder coated metal Stainless Steel Panel Custom colors available

Manual Override: Door and Key Panel keys provide manual override for emergency situations.

Fail Secure Latch: The door latch remains locked in the event of a total power failure.


The Key Systems, Inc. SAM offers several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit and manage your keys and assets. This is our standard Security Asset Manager™ unit. You can personalize these devices to secure a wide variety of sensitive items. Access is assigned to one or more users based on configuration through GFMS™ Software. PIN access is standard and a host of other access options are available.

RA-Lock Key Systems, Inc. offer a variety of other styles of Security Asset Managers™. Find the unit that best suits the security needs and your valuable assets. SAM units can also be custom designed with a mixture of key, SmartPlug, cards or compartments. For more information on the many options available, contact us and a sales engineer will assist. Increase the capacity of a single controller with add-on cabinets and lockers. These additional units are monitored by the control unit and grant authorization from a single point of entry. As an alternative to lockers, KSI is able to accommodate custom requests for additional cavity space within the SAM key box. Combine multiple high-security assets or anything you want to protect with layers of security. There’s not a SAM solution we can’t engineer for you.

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