Chit-Key SAM

Take full advantage of the security benefits of our Multi-Chit Panels™ by housing them inside of a Security Asset Manager™.


House up to 48 keys within the panel. The electronic door and secure door latch will keep unwanted users away from your sensitive keys. Once opened, the SAM will operate with tandem locks, to ensure only one key is in the right hands at all times. Simply return the user key to be able to release the control key when you are finished.

All Multi-Chit Panels come with both red and white Tamper-Evident Key Tags, to ensure that nobody has substituted the keys. This is a great product for making sure your keys are always completely safe and secure.

Chit-Keys are great! Check out our standalone Chit-Key Vaults™ and Panels, for users who do not require electronic control, but still seek maximum security. Should you need to store more than 48 keys, please visit the Chit-Key Panel page HERE.

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