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Regardless of which product(s) your facility requires, our GFMS™ Software serves as the backbone to your install and serves as your interface to configure access, monitor usage and receive alerts and updates.


Alerts By Email / Text Messaging

No more waiting until after the fact when asset security is breached or equipment fails. GFMS™ delivers programmable real-time alerts announcing exceptions to pre-determined rules and parameters to any web-enabled device via email and/or text messages where supported.

Real Time. Network Ready.

Key Systems, Inc.’s electronic security products are network ready and remain in constant contact with our GFMS™ Communicator for real time alerts and managements. Receive notifications alerts and updates instantly from any device in your system.

One Screen. Multiple Devices.

The GFMS™ Site Map function allows you to view facility maps featuring interactive icons representing the exact locations and real-time status of each Security Asset Manager™. GFMS™ software enables administrators to monitor devices, add users, assign assets, attach privileges and create rules from a single computer screen.

Multi-User Rules

The powerful GFMS™ rules engine enables the creation of unique, custom-made Dual and Triple Pin Rules. Rules allow you to designate assets that may only be issued when multi authorized users are present.

Time Zones

Create custom detailed time zones and timers to grant access according to your facilities current shifts and time restrictions.

Global Access. Total Freedom.

GFMS™ Software is browser based and requires no client side install. Make use of any web-enabled device (PC, laptop, cell phone) to remotely manage and monitor your GFMS™ devices.

Value Added Services:

Key Systems, Inc. takes pride in adapting our GFMS™ solution to work with your pre-existing human resource and access control systems. Let GFMS™ adapt to you and the systems you rely on daily.

GFMS™ Database Synchronization Tool (Sync Tool)

Our customized application synchronizes existing customer databases (Human Resources, Access Control, etc.) with the Global Facilities Management System™ eliminating the need to manually repopulate a new database.

Seamless Integration

Your GFMS™ solution can grant access based on your current access control systems. Our cabinets can also relay alarms directly to your access control system.

Custom Reports

GFMS™ Software is preloaded with multiple transaction (user events) and table (programming configuration) reports. Reports may also be tailored to match your specific formatting requirements.

Online Training

Our technical support team (on call 24/7) is available to arrange demonstrations, training sessions and diagnostics and support as long as your equipment is under support with warranty.

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