Medeco X4

KeyMark x4 leads the market in patent protected small format interchangeable core (SFIC) cylinders, large format interchangeable core (LFIC) cylinders, conventional mortise, rim and key-in-knob cylinders designed to retrofit virtually any door. All of these cylinders can be operated with one key. With patents extending through 2027 and the ability to expand key systems to four times that of standard SFIC, KeyMark x4 is guaranteed to be an important product to suit your needs.


  • Utilizes the standard A2 pinning system in conjunction with a bitted slider locking arrangement which allows for more master keying capabilities for large master key systems. Up to 65,536 unique change keys in a 7 pin master key system on a single keyway
  • Expandable, simple master keying available in SFIC and LFIC, as well as standard key-in-knob, mortise, and rim cylinders
  • SFIC’s are available in six or seven pin cylinders, and can replace Best style cores
  • Rim and mortise cylinders are available in 6 or 7 pin cylinders
  • Key-in-knob cylinders are available in 6 pin cylinders
  • Standard Medeco cams and tailpieces can be used on KeyMark x4 cylinders
  • Keys can be cut using many standard code type key machines such as the Pro-Lok Blue Punch,
  • A1 Green Machine, the ITL 9000, HPC 1200 with the B clamp and the CW-90MC cutter and card for cutting Best/Falcon/Arrow
  • KeyMark x4 Advantages
  • Superior Masterkey Capabilities
  • Retrofitability
  • One Key Flexibility
  • Patented key control (prevents unauthorized key duplication)
  • Patent protection lasting through the year 2027
  • Custom key coining (for added security)
  • Lifetime warranty on keys
  • Solid brass machined construction with tight tolerances (ensures long-lasting, quality operation)
  • Available in most cylinder types (providing for flexibility in retrofitting existing hardware)
  • Available in 13 architectural finishes (easily matches existing hardware)
  • Temporary construction cores available
  • Manufactured in the USA
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