7 Sided Tubular Cam Locks

This tubular cam lock provides additional security over regular round type tubular locks by adding seven irregular sides to the spindle and also the key. Standard tubular keys will not fit or operate this lock.

All cam locks fit in the standard double “D” flat hole. Thousands of key numbers available. Standard finish is chrome.

These cam locks can be keyed different or keyed alike. All come with additional drill protection, using an anti-drill “ball” on the face of the lock.

The TF1038 comes in two different versions: The TF1038t-7 with a tapped end uses a screw to secure the cam. The TA1038d-7 uses a nut to secure the cam.

How to Measure 7 Sided Tubular Cam Locks


7 Sided Tubular Cam Locks Part Numbers

Part No. “A” Dimension
TF1038t-7 3/8 (7/16)
TF1038d-7 3/8 (7/16)
TF1058-7 5/8 (11/16)
TF1078-7 7/8 (15/16)
TF1118-7 1 1/8 (1 3/16)