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Elminate the costs of broken keys. ASSA – The Strongest Key in the gaming industry is backed by a lifetime key breakage warranty. No tricks, no gimmicks, if you break an ASSA Desmo key as a result of ordinary usage, we will replace it at no charge.


Revenue Protection

High security is a top priority in the gaming and casino environment. Understanding that high security is imperative to the industry. ASSA Desmo continues to deliver superior security with our Maximum Security Gaming Locks. ASSA Desmo will increase security, cam lock longevity and ease of use while significantly reducing administration and maintenance costs. Increasing lock life-cycle, minimizing loss due to theft or maintenance, and maximizing the amount of money you take to the bank are just a few examples of how ASSA Desmo protects your return on investment.

Key Control

Key control is a major advantage of ASSA Desmo maximum security protection. ASSA Desmo keys are patent protected and feature unique cuts performed by specialized equipment. Keys can only be duplicated by authorized factoly locations, dissuading attempts at unauthorized key-duplication.

Damaged or broken keys are a major problem in the casino Industry. To eliminate this problem, the ASSA Desmo key is over 30% thicker than most other high security keys used in gaming today.

ASSA Desmo keys are constructed from solid nickel silver for lasting durability. with no deep cuts to weaken the key. The large key grip provides easy handling and adequate space for the stamping of information for easy identification.

Physical Security

ASSA Desmo Maximum Security Gaming Locks are specifically designed to withstand the high-security demands of the gaming and casino environment. Designed with mechanical locking pins, double side locking bars, and false cuts, the ASSA Desmo Cylinder eliminates springs and therefore maximizes pick resistance and enhances physical security.

Ease of Function

In addition to designing a lock that provides a high level of security, ASSA Desmo realizes the need for ease of function. The Precision Drive Pin System operates completely independent of springs. The pins are 100% guided by the operation of the key ensuring accurate, secure, and long lasting performance. The face of the lock and the tip of the – key are shaped to guide key entry. This feature increases the ease of use, especially in hard to reach lock applications.

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