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Bluetooth padlocks offer the next generation of padlock security. No more key management, duplication, or loss issues, with a single app you can manage a multitude of locks and share/provide access from any internet connection.

  • The Master Lock No. 4400ENT Bluetooth® Padlock features a 1-29/32in (47mm) wide metal body for durability. Secures cabinets, lockers and indoor storage areas.
  • The Master Lock No. 4401LHENT Bluetooth® Padlock features a 2-7/32in (56mm) wide metal body for durability. Secures outdoor equipment and materials, such as fences, storage sheds, garages and trailers.
  • The Master Lock No. 5440ENT Bluetooth® Portable Lock Box features a 3-1/4" (83mm) wide metal body for durability and a fully removable shackle for convenience. Easily installs over door knobs or gates for short-term property access.
  • The Master Lock No. 5441ENT Bluetooth® Wall-Mount Lock Box features a 3-1/4" (83mm) wide metal body for durability. Install permanently to walls or cabinets to provide access to sites or equipment keys.
  • ABLOY BEAT is a keyless, Super Weather Proof IP68 approved padlock, with a Bluetooth BLE 4.2 connection range of 50m. Made to perform at all times in the most demanding environments, BEAT is functional both online and offline.
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