Medeco Vending Lock Solutions

Medeco Vending Locks Case Study

How our clients achieved 90% theft reduction with RA-Lock’s new vending solutions

A manufacturer of vending machines consulted with RA-Lock to upgrade key and access control systems. The challenge was to solve their issues with constant rekeying—a common issue with vending solutions due to theft. They needed to implement a high-tech locking system that was easier and more cost efficient to manage—which in turn would mean cost savings in retained cash and products.

Project Requirements

When managing vending machines, security is one of the top priorities. Managing the changing of keys, locks, and access can be time consuming, costly, and not done as often as it should be which adds to the risk. While upgrading a lock system can have long-term cost benefits, they were still cost conscious when it came to the solution.

Vending Security Challenges

Ease of implementation

Ease of management

Eliminate need for physical rekeying

Better Access Tracking

The Results

90% reduction in theft and shrinkage, as they were able to control access and track activities with ease.

The company also deployed interchangeable XT padlocks and puck locks for their delivery trucks and manage access the same way as the vending machines.

The Solution

The Medeco XT Lock

Medeco XT Electronic Locking System with VeraPass management software was chosen for its route-based access control and auditing capabilities, quick retrofit deployment and ease of operation. Medeco XT is a robust electronic locking and access management system for vending equipment and facilities. The locks don’t require wiring as each lock is powered by the keys with lithium ion rechargeable batteries allowing thousands of lock operations per charge.

With Medeco XT you can:

Manage route based operations more efficiently tracking time and activities at remote locations

Reduce internal fraud by controlling when keys will be active and tracking vending machine activity

Eliminate bulky keyrings and reduce the amount of time spent at each machine

Identify gaps in driver and maintenance activities

Rekey electronically through the Medeco XT software without a visit to the machines

Restrict and track access to facilities and equipment

Reduce write-offs due to theft

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