Customized security solutions are often needed for high-profile targets, such as ATM Machines

Our client was struggling to prevent break-ins and theft despite using integrated steel barricades, hardened steel padlocks, and shields. They needed a locking system that could withstand burglar’s attempts to weaken the existing barriers with acetylene torches.

Project Requirements

Custom barricades for drive thru bank ATMs make it more difficult to quickly smash an ATM open or pull it from its foundation by using a vehicle and chain. The existing design included a very thick, steel shield that would go over the barricade lock leaving only a small portion of the lock’s shackle exposed, however that was not enough to deter theft.

ATM Security Challenges

  • Protect ATM from further theft
  • Withstand acetylene torch attack
  • Integrate with existing ATM security

The Results

In recent attempts to compromise the ATM barriers, the burglars have given up. The late-night attempts were foiled due to the burglars unreachable attempt at cutting thru the locks shackles.


We used a grade 6 hardened steel body shrouded Abloy padlock with a hardened boron steel shackle and raised shoulders to fully protect the ATM. The padlock with a case-hardened steel body, raised shoulders, and a top loaded cylinder provide the highest level of security and protection. The high-security padlock eliminates the shackle from being exposed outside of the integrator’s specially designed thick steel shield. Now the maximum-security padlock is shielded completely from an acetylene torch attack.

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