Securing retail facilities is necessary to protect valuable items and prevent theft within a business. Read our recent success story to learn more about how the RA-Lock team can help.

Our recent success story for a national retail store highlights how RA-Lock was able to design a complete master key system for securing their facility with our Medeco X4 SFIC. The Medeco X4 will save the facility charges involved with re-keying doors due to lost keys, and also reduces theft and shrinkage within the store.

Securing facility keys and inventory is necessary for all sucessful businesses. If you have questions about changes in your security needs, please feel free to speak to our team. RA-Lock has experience across many industries and will help find the ideal solution for you.

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KeyMark x4 leads the market in patent protected small format interchangeable core (SFIC) cylinders, large format interchangeable core (LFIC) cylinders, conventional mortise, rim and key-in-knob cylinders designed to retrofit virtually any door. All of these cylinders can be operated with one key. With patents extending through 2027 and the ability to expand key systems to four times that of standard SFIC, KeyMark x4 is guaranteed to be an important product to suit your needs.

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