Having your valuable items securely locked up is key to a successful business. Learn more about how the RA-Lock team can help manage those changes in our recent success story.

Our recent success story for a city fleet management department highlights how RA-Lock was able to design a solution for securing vehicle keys with our SRP Security Asset Manager (SAM). The SAM saves the facility charges involved with re-keying of doors due to lost keys and enables efficient vehicle deployment. Additionally, the city will be able to track and audit when needed.

Securing equipment is important to any type of business. Not doing so might cost more in the long term. If you have questions about changes in your security needs, please feel free to speak to our team. RA-Lock has experience across many industries and will help find the ideal solution for you.

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Our sturdy Security Asset Manager™ cabinets can be configured with over 400 hooks. The secure ID login system monitors who is accessing the cabinet.

Each user inputs his or her own PIN code to deposit or withdraw keys. Our Global Facilities Management System™ (GFMS) software allows for transaction logs and other reporting methods.

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