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Medeco T-Handle Cylinder Locks

The Medeco High Security T-Handle Cylinder Lock is designed to fit into machines utilizing NAMA standard T-Handles.  Applications include vending machines and bill changers.  They are available with zinc die-cast or solid steel shells and bolts, offering added protection for your equipment.

750 Series (includes 155 series)

Medeco 750-155The 750 series, general purpose t-handle cylinder, defies surreptitious entry via picking, drilling, or unauthorized key duplication. Available in both four and five pin body styles.

950 Series

Medeco 950In higher security applications, the 950 series offers advanced security features including pick, pull, and drill resistance. This lock is the perfect choice for the majority of all vending applications.

1050 Series

Medeco 1050For unattended vending machines in locations that are extremely vulnerable to physical attack, the 1050 series’ solid steel bolt and shell construction offer the ultimate defense against forced entry and theft.