RA-Lock Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Shackle-Less Padlocks

The RA-Lock Shackle-less Padlock

This patented locking mechanism for high security application eliminates the cutting or breaking of the old type shackle padlock. Lock block turns 360 degrees on the locking bar so no torque can be applied to the lock.

The Ra-Lock comes equipped with a Medeco cylinder and can be keyed to customer’s specifications on a registered keyway. This lock is virtually pick proof and drill proof. The lock head is recessed into the lock body so that it is protected against hammers, chisels, or pry-bars.

The 5/8″ dia. bar is available in various lengths. For specific applications, bars can be made to customer specifications. Minimum order required. Bars and locks are hard chrome finish or stainless steel depending on customer needs.

Wilson Bohannon Pin Lock

WB padlocks have provided American industry with unmatched protection for over 135 years. All brass construction eliminates the possibility of rust. Shackles are available in brass, case hardened steel, or stainless steel to assure maximum security when needed.

The Wilson Bohannon Pin Lock can be purchased with the standard hardened chrome pin, a thick head stainless steel pin, and a thin head stainless steel pin, or without a pin.

Other Shackle Padlocks

Other shackle padlocks available by these manufacturers from RA-Lock Security Solutions; Abus, Master, American Lock, WB, and Sargent and Greenleaf.