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Medeco Padlocks

The new Medeco® padlock series is a complete line of premium high security or key control only padlocks that can be master keyed into most existing Medeco3 key systems using door hardware cylinders.

Available in two distinct body styles: Weather Resistant and Shrouded Shackle. The weather guard protects the padlock and components from water, dust, and grime. The protective shroud nearly eliminates the risk of having the shackle cut by a bolt cutter.

Made of solid brass, the traditional padlock bodies are available in three different styles to accept different door hardware cylinders: knob-style, large format interchangeable core, and small format interchangeable core.

Available with a 5/16″ diameter boron shackle with a 13/8″or 23/8″ vertical clearance, or a 7/16″ diameter boron shackle with a 13/8″or 17/8″ vertical clearance.